Wi-Fi Channel Selection

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Lee_Bo said:
"People don't understand there's a delicate balance that has to happen for wifi to work at its optimal levels.  Wifi devices and channel are the two biggest."

I'm using two routers configured as access points to handle the wi-fi activity around the house with around 50-60 devices.  Based on their locations at opposite ends of the house, each access point picks up about half the load. I've selected a wi-fi channel for each that is not being used by neighbors.  I'm using the free app Wi-Fi Analyzer to help in the channel selection.  Should I continue using a different channel for each access point?  Or is it better to use the same channel for both?


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    You might want to download a bandwidth analyzer in order to get a handle on what's happening in your space to see if what your suggesting would help.  I found this on lifehacker that gives a basic on channels and saturation along with bandwidth analyzer app suggestions.  

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    That's what I used to do before I went Mesh. I had the router use one set of channels and the AP use another to avoid signal contention.

    These days I use the Eero and it looks after all that for me leaving me more time to locate honey and red balloons...

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    Yes, you need to reduce interference on each WiFi Network, so using different channels is recommended.
    When you use wifi analyzer and select what looks to be a free channel, re-run your scan because once you select that free channel, this will have a different result.
    Even when using Mesh and Multiple Access Points, you still need to check the RF environment for ultimate performance.