I removed a device from my network. Can I put it back

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I removed a device from my network after blocking it.
Now, I believe the description of what it is was is wrong and I want to reverse what I did and connect another device.
Is this possible?

Basically, Fing found a Ring Video Doorbell, I don't own one so blocked it. A couple of days later I removed it from my network. Yesterday, I blocked an Ereader and I could not connect a Switchbot Bridge device. unblocked the Ereader and I could connect it.
Can I add the Ring back into my network so I can unblock it to see if I can connect another device? I looked under Event history, The search here always comes back as "something went wrong" I couldn't find anything in the "First day with Fing" guide.

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    Sure, just reconnect it again and you should have the ability to change details and information about it.  I see though that this has already been answered but still wanted to weigh-in on it.
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