Happy Holly days!

HronosHronos Member, Beta Tester Posts: 289
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Whatever faith or philosophical think you all have, I wish you a happy holly days time!!
Take this time to be a good (more than usual o:) ) , to you and yours (the ones you interact with xD).

Keep looking up!


  • CiaranCiaran Administrator Posts: 1,179
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    And the same to you @Hronos thank you and all of our Community members for all of the support and contibution throughout the year. I wish you the very best for this holiday season and into the New year. Enjoy :smile:
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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  • MarcMarc Moderator, Beta Tester Posts: 2,376
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    You Too @Hronos , and of course to the rest of the community...   B)
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
  • rootedrooted Gulf Coast, USModerator Posts: 870
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    Happy Holiday season @Hronos @Marc @Ciaran, I hope it's a great season for all.

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