Scan always adds duplicate network

UnknownDevice Member Posts: 1
Using Android app on WiFi network, after deleting all networks, a new network is found, devices scanned & it is able to be named & customizations applied.  This then appears in the Web-App.
If I scan this network again, a second, unnamed network appears with all duplicate information & devices, but with no customization information.  It appears in a list of 2 networks in the App, and I can name it, but does not appear in the Web-App.
If I rescan either network again, it will find the unnamed network again, with all devices having default information, and this new network will always replace the second network in the list.
If I restart the Android App it will usually default to the original fully customized network in the list, though I don't think it is rescanned for new devices.  The last scanned time of the original network will remain at it's original time, which can end up being days ago.  There doesn't seem to be any way to rescan this network without the 'evil twin' appearing in it's place.
The BSSID and subnet of the AP are the same on both networks, as are the MAC addresses of all the devices.
It's all a bit strange.