Anyone have experience with Plume?

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I am planning to try out the Plume superpods ( to improve Wifi in parts of my house where the signal is weak due to the distance from the router.  I see a number of posts on integration of Fing with other mesh networks such Google, however did not see any posts on compatibility with the Plume.  Wondering if anyone has an experience with the Plume superpod and how it integrates with Fing.  The way plume works is you plug one of the superpods into the router (and you apparently have another ethernet port on the superpod). Reading the posts, specific questions are: 1) whether to plug the Fing into an ethernet ports on the superpod or directly into the router 2) will it send false alerts and how to disable 3) what features of the fingbox will no longer work if I use the Plume superpods?

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    Hi @Pooh thanks for your response.
    @biegs welcome! Most features will work without IPv6 disabled - but device blocking, internet pause and bandwidth analysis require that IPv6 be disabled to use them. Mesh networks are working fine with Plume as long as IPv6 can be disabled to access all features. Other users are only looking for network monitoring etc. and not having IPv6 disabled is not a huge issue. This depends on what you are looking to achieve with Fingbox. If you let me know the features that are most important to you, I can help further with this too. 
    Hopefully we'll get some more comments from Plume users. I'm going to slightly modify the title of this post to try and generate more responses on it! 
    Thanks for joining us here!

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    Thank you both @Pooh and @VioletChepil.  I confirmed with Plume that they do not support IPv6 so this should not be an issue.  (I received the same result when I checked at I plugged in the Plume SuperPod to my router two days ago and the Fing seems to be co-existing very nicely with the SuperPod devices and the mesh network.  I received a new device alert for each of the 3 superpods when I initially plugged them in which is expected behavior and have not had any additional alerts as was reported in another thread with another Mesh network device.  Bandwith analysis, Internet pause and device blocking all seems to be working.  
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    Hello @biegs and welcome to the community!

    Plume is in many way just another Mesh system. One of the issues with any router is if they force IPv6 one - and it looks like its optional (actually mandatory when using the Plume as a router).

    The other issue is if the Plume Superpod or other Pods have any form of anti-ARP Poisoning defenses. I'm personally not aware of any however let's see if @Robin or @Carlo_from_Fing have any input to this.
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