Going from an Admin to a User: My Last Day at Fing!

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It’s with some sadness that I must announce that today is my final day with Fing. 

I’ve not been with the business too long - around a year - but I was a fan of the products long before, as a user as well as working with the team to explore integrating their tech into smart home products I was developing. I've enjoyed working with the teams in London, Rome and Ireland so much. 

The business has an exciting future ahead of it but I am now taking on a new challenge (I will let you know all about it once I am settled in). In a World where the emergence of new technology is relentless, helping make connected technology deliver on its promise will always be in demand. 

It’s been a privilege working with a product with such a great reputation and amazing user base. I’ve especially enjoyed getting to know you guys - both here and during user testing. I leave the Fing Community in great hands, with Community Manager @VioletChepil doing such a good job - as I’m sure you’ll agree. Fing co-founders Carlo and Marco in Rome will be steering the Roadmap for the app and hardware for now. 

This is not goodbye - I look forward to joining you here as a User rather than an Admin. Thanks for everything!

Head of Product at Fing


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    Well...boo.... Feel like someone deflated my red balloon & nicked all me honey...

    Look forward to seeing you around still! Good luck for the future!
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  • VioletChepil
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    I miss you already @Gidster thank you for all your hard-work at Fing and bringing so much knowledge and experience to the team. You will be missed dearly.

    Community Manager at Fing

  • Hronos
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    @Gidster Good luck in your new endevours
    Keep looking up!
  • Marc
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    Hey @Gidster , always enjoyed the banter... :)   Good luck wherever you land!
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    All the best @Gidster
  • kltaylor
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    The very best of luck to you, @Gidster , and you better stick around.  Else we will DM Notify Bomb you until you come back! =)
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  • VioletChepil
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    Community Manager at Fing