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    Another Ring (Pro) user here.  First unit failed within a few days and had to be returned.  Second unit is ok so far.  Had to upgrade my iPhone (was going to anyway) because my iPhone 6 was taking about six seconds from door bell ring to get to live view, in which time the person at the door had usually got bored up and either starting banging the door or wandered off.  With the new phone it's at most 1 second, which is perfect to assess whether I'm answering or not :)  Good wifi connection is a must and I had to juggle things around (using a Velop mesh) to ensure it was getting a solid signal but it is generally very stable.   The only thing that is unnerving me is the gently falling voltage as I'm aware that the Ring's become unstable at a certain voltage, and I'm drifting towards that threshold...  Rebooting the Ring kicks the voltage back up again, but I'm wondering what happens if I forget...
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    We had the Ring doorbell in our old house, and it was one the first smart additions to our new house. I'm also in the beta program and there's some interesting app updates coming down the pike! 
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    the ring app can be a bit flaky sometimes, but overall I like it
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    Albeit a late response, I'll say I was impressed by the construction quality, so much so - I bought one (RingPRO and a Chime).  However, since the time I've installed it, the device has reached a point of uselessness because I ignore it.  The app and device are chronically flaky and I just don't have the patience to deal with it.

    I've replaced the unit 3 times, upgraded the transformer in the house, and my WiFi network is rock solid (the doorbell is only 4 feet from the router) ... yet here are my current frustrations with it.

    1) The audio over the device isn't usable - it's inaudible. 
    2) The quality of the video is marginal.  True it's 1080p by frame size only.  However, the video data rate has been squished so much the quality might as well be 480p.
    3) I have a love hate relationship with the app on the phone.  When you know a number of motion alerts are imminent and choose to "snooze" from the alert notification, it's ignored (doesn't work).  You must open the app and go to device settings and manually snooze motion alerts.  Why put the option on the screen if it's not going to work?
    4) It takes way to long for the device to push video captures to the cloud.  Mine seems to take upwards of 45 seconds to upload a 25mb video.  The only reason this matters to me is because the device doesn't allow for you to preview it ON THE DEVICE, you have to wait for the content to finish uploading to see it.
    5) You can't seem to access "Live View" while the doorbell is actively uploading a motion alert capture.  This is especially annoying because I can't seem to ever respond quickly enough to the motion alerts on my phone to hit the view button.  If you miss it, the only way to see who's at your door is to click the "Live View" button in the app, however - it's not available until the device has finished uploading the 1-minute clip.  More often than not, the person at the door has walked away - unless it's a persistent neighborhood child.
    6) I'd prefer an offline video storage option.  These devices aren't cheap and it doesn't seem right that after you unbox and install your $200 device, that you have pay yet another subscription fee for it to be useful.
     I could go on and I would prefer to be in love with this device ... but I'm just not there yet.  They have a long way to go in terms of the tech, but the construction quality and packaging are very nice! 
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    I feel the need to pile on... Rings lack of transparency for the android app, crazy stuff... https://www.zdnet.com/article/ring-app-for-android-full-to-the-brim-with-third-party-trackers-report/?ftag=TRE-03-10aaa6b&bhid=16890898

    I’m not saying this is better or worse then what other apps do but when you see it in print, it hits home.

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    Ring....!!! Nothing to see here, please move along. 😏

    thanks for finding this @Ciaran Rings been in the news so much lately this was just icing on the cake.

    And in the spirit of alternate realities, original post has been edited to reflect the correct company

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