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  • rDinrDin Member Posts: 2
    Another Ring (Pro) user here.  First unit failed within a few days and had to be returned.  Second unit is ok so far.  Had to upgrade my iPhone (was going to anyway) because my iPhone 6 was taking about six seconds from door bell ring to get to live view, in which time the person at the door had usually got bored up and either starting banging the door or wandered off.  With the new phone it's at most 1 second, which is perfect to assess whether I'm answering or not :)  Good wifi connection is a must and I had to juggle things around (using a Velop mesh) to ensure it was getting a solid signal but it is generally very stable.   The only thing that is unnerving me is the gently falling voltage as I'm aware that the Ring's become unstable at a certain voltage, and I'm drifting towards that threshold...  Rebooting the Ring kicks the voltage back up again, but I'm wondering what happens if I forget...
  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 9 ✭✭
    We had the Ring doorbell in our old house, and it was one the first smart additions to our new house. I'm also in the beta program and there's some interesting app updates coming down the pike! 
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