Schedule Pause Improvement

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Ive been using the Fing box since its launch.  Im not a network techie but a parent and bought the box to limit my kids internet times (several friends and family have also bought the box after seeing demonstration and love it).
The Scheduled Pause works great normally but is difficult to maintain.

When kids are on holidays. and weekends.  I'd like to give them x amount of hours to play on console, but give them the choice of what time they play.  They have different friends online at different times.
e.g. Id like to be able to allow access between 10am and 10pm on the weekends and holidays but maximum of say 3 hours total use.
Maybe have a parent mode (also swap scheduled pause for scheduled allowed, less complicated when calculating pauses across multiple days and weekends (We treat Sundays like a week day and Fridays like the weekend))
When creating rules for the scheduled pause /allowed have a time limit per device (not user)  within the scheduled up time.
This would help many parents like myself who only use this one great feature.
Thank you for your time 


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