Fing undetectable despite pulsing green.

I have an older Fing (it has the ring of light around the top instead of just one in the center). I am unable to reactivate my ring box on my new network. It is connected to my eero router directly, and is pulsing green in one long, then two short green bursts.

there is nothing in fings official color guide regarding this specific pattern of green lights, it simply states that flashing green means ready for activation and nothing else.

the Fing box has been detected as connected to the network by the Fing app, however when I try to add the Fing box, it either cannot be detected. I’m the many dozens of attempt to find my Fing box, twice I got the result “failed to authenticate” instead of “could not be found”

according to fings official website instructions, to activate a Fing box I must register an account, successfully connect a Fing box to my network, and press the account button in the app. After accessing the account settings page, the instructions say to ensure the fing box is ‘flashing green’, then press the “add Fing box” button. This is not working for me.

disassembling the product to access and use the otherwise inaccessible reset button (since the hole in the casing didn’t line up) has no effect.

any mention of this particular green pattern of flashing lights that I can find on the forums does not have a solution. The forums where similar issues are brought up are either ignored or unresolved. I would like to keep using this product since it’s great when it works, but if I can’t get it to work without having to dedicate multiple hours to trouble shooting, then this product is garbage and I will put it in the garbage.