reset Fingbox, now not responsive

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I've followed the documented reset process on the device (30s reset button + Power off on) and am now stuck at single white light... 


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    Hi @soupman98, I moved this to the Fingbox section for relevance. Here are a few troubleshooting tips from the Fingbox help page... Have you tried them?   (

    White LED 

    The white LED indicates that the Fingbox is powering up. If the white LED light remains, it would suggest that there may be a problem with the system power-up. Initially, try power cycling the Fingbox by turning the device off at the wall and back on again. Please ensure that the Fingbox is plugged directly into the wall power source as opposed to a power extender.

    Please also ensure that you are using the micro USB provided. If this does not work, as a troubleshoot (to identify if there is an issue with the cable or the unit itself), if you have another micro USB, please try this to see if it is successful.

    If the white LED persists, you can try the following steps:

    • Try an alternative ethernet cable (CAT 6)
    • Try an alternative 5V power core cable
    • Are all ports required for Fingboxto work open or if UPNP is enabled?  Ports required:
      • 80(Internet Speed Test)
      • 443(Fing Service and Software Updates)
      • 3001, 3002, 3003(Internet Speed Test)
      • 4443(Fing Service)
      • 5671(Fing Diagnostics)
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    Hi @soupman98 I can see we have an open ticket in relation to your issue. Please check your email.