Checking outages with Fing App

So I'm at a location where my fingbox is located. The ISP is having issues, so no internet is available. I wanted to check outages and see how bad it was, the app can't check outages when I'm on WiFi because there is no internet reachable. When I turn off WiFi the app won't allow me to check outages because I'm not connected to WiFi!

It didn't always do this did it? How the heck am I gonna check for outages if I can only check from a down network? Or is that a paid option now? I haven't kept up with the app or community since they started charging for digital fence features that were advertised as free for life when I bought my fingbox.


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    Unfortunately if your broadband is down you won’t be able to check for outages anywhere including those affecting you. This has always been the case, if you think about it, if you can’t connect to the internet you can’t check anything.
    When you are back online your fingbox history will show measured outages. If you are trying to record data to present to your isp then either the history function or an independent speedtest app will reveal outages, low speed issues & complete downtime.
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    Hi @ProTecK, Pixel is right. It was possible to access some features without Wi-Fi connection in the previous version of Fing mobile app. 
    Digital fence is not part of the subscription and is available to all Fingbox owners.