False state change alert?

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I have the "Alert me when state changes" set for my smart TV, which is connected to my WiFi network.  Several times a week, I receive a "Device offline" alert.  Typically, I get a second "Device online" alert within 30-60 minutes.  Today, after receiving the device offline alert, I opened the menu on the TV and accessed the network settings menu.  It clearly showed the device online with a valid IP address.  I clicked on the "check for FW update" on the TV, which is an easy way to verify that the TV has internet access, and it verified that the TV was connected.  I then went into Fing and initiated a Ping test on the TV's IP address, and the test resulted in 100% ping failures.

Why does Fing think the TV is offline when it clearly isn't?

Edit:  In Fing Desktop, the TV is showing "Device is online since 7D", yet the device is not pingable.

Edit2:  Now I really don't know what is happening.  I unselected the "Alert me when state changes" setting for the TV, yet I received a "Device offline" alert just a moment ago for the TV.  The alert says "Device went offline in Spectrum in Cedar Park (".  This alert references my Internet provider (Spectrum), and has the IP address of my primary router.  Something is going offline, but it isn't my TV.  Can someone explain?
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