Hello I believe that my house has cameras in here. How can I be sure?

It’s NICE to be IMPORTANT… But It’s more IMPORTANT to be NICE


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    It’s NICE to be IMPORTANT… But It’s more IMPORTANT to be NICE

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    I don’t understand

    It’s NICE to be IMPORTANT… But It’s more IMPORTANT to be NICE

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    https://help.fing.com/hc/en-us/articles/6720318761618-Tools-Page This is where you can find the hidden camera tool . 
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    56 yrs old i google everything don’t understand most of this computer world. But i am trying. Married 36 yrs at 20 yrs old.he would question my where about or he would call as soon as I pulled out of our drive way. Just Odd behavior. I couldn’t understand until a friend told me he’s watching my every move, so he won’t bump into you. He’s able to keep one step a head of u. So I started digging and sure enough he was cheating. I found the Fling app. Now I can’t join desk top because all I have is my iPhone 13 which I just realized he controls my iPhone not sure how much he can see or rather he can read my emails & my text ? & See what web sites I visit? I know he can see the # I call and text. I also know he has added me to familywhere and I think he has me listed as a child, which then he can see everything I do on my phone.. Now I have nothing to hide it’s just the point I am doing nothing wrong as he is and I am being watch. Which is wrong.i was told I need to get my own phone ASP. Since he’s the main controller and won’t give permission for me to have access on our t-Mobil account. But the problem is I don’t have a regular income of my own coming in. So I could make my payments every month. So my questions are : listed under Network Detaill

    UpnP model: HR44

    UPnP Servies:

    clients override (1)

    remotev1 services

    Renderingcontrol (1)

    TMM RVU client mediaRen….TV

    is this him controlling it from his phone should I be worried that he is watching & reading everything I am doing ? Just not right

    sorry for such a long post but I thought I needed to give a little history so maybe it would make a little more since why I am asking these kind of question’s. Just want to understand what I am up against.

    thank you for your time for reading my story

    from Kathy Lindsey/Mexicano

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    Hi Kathy do you have any cams on any of your cars because the only thing I see is maybe the remotev1 is a rear view cam on a vehicle is the v stands for video or on the cars

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    I'm pretty sure that info looks familiar to me. I have directTV and that looks like some of the info for the set top boxes, or very similar to the same info and type of info. Either the media renderers, or the main DVR/NVR... I think the HR44 may be the product code that directTV uses for one of their DVR/NVR units.