Fing Desktop redundant with Fing mobile app already installed?

See_Dot Member Posts: 1
I've run the Fing mobile app since it was first release. Got my Fingbox a few years back. It's all working just fine. 

I installed Fing Desktop a couple months ago. I am seeing an odd situation in the Fing mobile now. It seems that the PC running Fing Desktop is now being detected as it's own network. So my mobile sees the network with my Fingbox (as it has for a long time), and is now seeing me as having another network (named after the NIC in the Fing Desktop PC). When I first saw this, I just deleted/unlinked the other "network" from the app. But it continues to reappear.

Is this expected behavior? Should I not be using Fing Desktop and mobile at the same time? As things are now, I get double-notified whenever a new device connects since (I assume) both networks see the same activity.

Thought it might some wifi issue, but both the Fingbox and the PC are wired connections.