How to remove unknown IP camera with open port 60278

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Hello all,

Not a tech savvy person here but wanting some advice and help please.

So, I have an unknown Ip camera that has been detected on my network. Has an IP address no MAC or any other details (unless not looking in right places). The open port is 62078 and is the iPhone elite wiki address - I believe it’s all connected with my ex (living together - recently separated not going well - sorting stuff out with solicitors etc.)

He has the a newer version of iPhone than me, anyway, is this telling me there is a potential unknown IP camera that is being run through my network accessed/monitored/controlled by an IPhone.

How do I get rid of this camera from my network? As I said not tech savvy so laymens terms please. Also living in United Kingdom and can’t get the Fingbox over here :(

Thanks for reading and any help would be appreciated :)



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    Hey @GgGC
    I've just searched this port and you can take at it here: Port 62078 (tcp/udp) :: SpeedGuide
    Is the device showing as a camera? The open port appears to be related to iPhone synchronisation, iTunes and UpNP - so if you have an iPhone yourself it would make sense. 

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    The camera is now showing as an iPad 7th Gen belonging to my ex. Is it normal for iPads to show as IP cameras then? I wouldn’t put it past him putting surveillance on it anyhow. Thanks.

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    Hi @GgGC
    It is possible that fing has misidentified the device at some stage, you can check the ip address if the device is online and compare but alternatively if you’re concerned you could block the device temporarily and see what stops working (but make sure you have another, unblocked, device so that you can unblock when necessary).