Are these ports suspicious of monitoring or hacking

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I’ve been hacked multiple times. Please could someone tell me if I should worry about these ports being opened? I have not deliberately opened any port.


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    Greetings! Most of the ports you have open are not really high risk. It’s common for bots to constantly probe your ports. I will advise you to disable upnp as it is highly vulnerable for attacks. If any router has upnp enabled, you automatically put yourself at high risk.

    when you say you’re constantly being hacked, could you elaborate more on that?

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    I’d be a little worried about 4444 not sure what this other persons is talking about but you might wanna shut them all just to be safe ASAP

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    If you are using the Kerberos Authentication system then it is using, legitimately, port 4444 (Check the user guide).
    If you are not using Kerberos you will need to investigate what is using the port 4444.