iOS app has become very slow to launch

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With recent versions the Fing app on iOS has become incredibly slow to launch.  I just measured it and it takes 11 second to get past the launch screen.  This is on an iPhone 13 Pro.

Does anyone else find this?


  • KenZen
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    The (very serious and debilitating) problem, which has been present for over a year, has been raised several times by various users but, to date, no one has deigned to give an answer.
    For nonsense, however, responses come promptly.
    I have stopped using both the service and the product and have advised against its purchase until they resolve because it is torture like this.
  • Patrick62
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    Here too,verry slow to launch,but in the app verry slow also
  • Michal_From_Fing
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    Hi @Patrick62
    We are currently investigating it. Hopefully it can be sorted out with next release of iOS app.
  • Patrick62
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    Hi Michal
    Thank you verry mutch for the reply