Network vs. Access Point

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I am becoming increasingly frustrated by technical writers that use 'Network' and 'Access Point' interchangeably. The reason for this post is that the Fing architecture falls into this trap also. Case in point: I have a single network in my home with 5 access points. I have read many discussions on this forum where we are instructed to "click on the Hamburger and choose the network you want to scan". As I have stated, I have a single (1) network in my Home. For me, 'Scanned Networks' is meaningless, and always shows the same number of devices.

What would be more meaningful to me would be for Fing to display only those devices connected to a given access point in the 'Current Wi-Fi' section of the app while displaying all devices connected to my network in the 'Home' section of the app.


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    Hi, thank you for your feedback. We always appreciate our users suggestion in relation to our products.