Fing Box Hardware Tests

Hi Newbie here….
I have a Fing box and I am having internet issues. The box shows loads of outages. No problem. What I am looking to confirm is; I thought the Fing box speed test (hardware not App etc) was more accurate because it is a wired device am I wrong? If I’m wrong how can I be sure the outage data is correct? 
To confirm the box is plugged directly in to the hub. Thanks anyone! 


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    Hi @KeithB could you please describe the problem you’re experiencing in a little more detail i.e.

    A screenshot of the problems reported would probably be sufficient.

    If there are outages they could have many causes including ISP problems (hardware & software), there may be problems with your router, cabling, fingbox etc. etc. 

    If your broadband is provided over copper telephone lines then get your line tested, also, your ISP is likely to have diagnostic software tests that can be run on your broadband connection so it’s worth checking with them.

    So, as much information as you can provide would help us help you. Don’t hesitate to come back to us.

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    Thanks very much for your reply. I believe I actually know what the issue is with the drop outs. Every 2-3 years I have this same issue, its something to do with the little green box at the end of the road. When the engineers go they change something in it and bingo we are back in action. If the provider listens and sends someone to the box all is good. If not and I move provider something changes and we are back in action after the change. 

    Anyway, sorry if I wasn't clear. My question is more about confidence in the reporting data when I use it to complain to my provider. Which is why I'm looking to confirm if Fing Box (not Fing app) speed test is essentially the same as a computer hard wired running a speed test. The provider will ask if its a wifi or hard wire connection. 
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    Many folks have used the data provided by a Fingbox as evidence to their ISP's of connectivity problems.  I would take its Speedtests result with caution but for detecting outages, its really is a good tool.
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    Thanks, this will be the second time I have been able to use this. The last time I couldn't get it resolved, but I did get out of my contract by using the drop outs (-:

    Regarding the speed, Fing commented to me that although not definitive certainly suggested that a speed test from the Fing Box is more like a hard wire connection not a wifi connection speed test.