Why is my macOS 21.6.0

Im new at this and have a question. I have MacOS Monterey 12.6 installed on my machine but is shows up in devices as macOS 21.6.0. Am I missing something?  Is there a reason that my Mac has this OS attached to its name when I click on devices on the fing desktop app. I think Ive having security problems issues like when I do a port scan of most common ports and everything times out. Also, I can't disable ssh access on my router and I see it as an open port on several devices with the name "Anonymous'. There is also an old network that can't be deleted after I have factory reset my router and created new networks several times. Im inserting the link to my connectivity report. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks




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    As for the MacOS version, thats how Fing displays Monterey and macOS in general.  It uses the kernel version, rather than the more publicly well known macOS version we all are familiar with.  Below screenshot is from my Mac via system information.

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