How do I claim devices as "me" in the Desktop App?

At one point during post update network scan, the app asked me if I wanted to claim devices - I presumed that meant "allow" them on the network.  But I was wrong, I ended up as virtually every device assigned to me.

But "I" don't show up in People, so I couldn't unassign those devices.

I nuked the network and rescanned, but I'm not getting any prompt to select which devices are mine, and I still don't show up in the People.

So how do I go about selecting "my" devices without setting myself up like a generic user in People?


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    Hi @richard I’m fairly sure that is a feature of the Fingbox and not available (i’ve spent a while checking it out) on desktop.
    The only possible work around wiuld be to use tags. Click on the device, edit the name and there is an option, on the same screen, to add tags. I haven’t tried it but it’s worth having a quick go, let me know if it works.