IphoneSE Not showing as iPhone with a scan

Found an iPhone SE, looks like a older one.  It does not have cell service, but it is connected to the internet (shows the usual wifi icon as full).  I found this phone in teen's bathroom (not snooping, just cleaning as usual).   I'm almost certain it is not one of our old ones, so likely teen has gotten it from a friend.   When using Fing to scan, I do not see this iPhone show up, but there are several "Generic" devices.  How do I determine if it is showing up, and which "Generic" device it is.   I'm trying to ID all these "generic" devices, and was surprised this iPhone was not showing up as an iPhone or an Apple product. 


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    Are you using the desktop, Mobile or a Fingbox to discover the phone?  Also, if the iPhone is using private addressing, this could be throwing Fing off.
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