Fing desktop high cpu usage

It seems this is an old bug and still not trapped. I had problems since version 2.6 and have still the same with now 3.02. My two installations on a older HP Envy 17 and a Huawei MateBook X pro, both using Windows 10 professional get high cpu usage after some days or weeks. I let them runnig 7/24. They normally run idle with 2-5% cpu usage, but suddenly become 30-40% and heats up the computer. The process with the higest cpu usage is always fing_agent service. I tried to kill the service, then the usage drops down to normal again, just to go up after a time. I tried to exit fing when I do not use it, but the fing_desktop service does not stop after exiting fing. I wonder why this service must run when I exit fing. I read through other posts and it seems the problem exists also on MacOS. 


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    Hey @t_jakober
    I have created a support ticket for you in relation to this issue, may I ask you to respond at your earliest convenience.