signal strength on wired devices?

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Why do wired lan connected devices show a signal strength?   


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    Hi @Cbax
    The digital fence shows not only roaming Wi-Fi devices, but also neighbours wired devices that are transmitting to Wi-Fi devices.
    In other words: if your wired device (A) needs to talk to a wireless device (C) through wireless device (B), the Fingbox passive monitoring can see that interaction taking place as (A)->(C) in the wireless packet headers and enlist (A) as seen a device of the Digital Fence. 
    Fingbox monitors all channels, and if some special wireless activity (A)->(C) is observed, it can also know for sure that (A) is wireless. Until those special activities are observed, though, Fingbox cannot tell for sure whether (A) it’s wireless or not, and in order to provide a comprehensive list in the Digital Fence, it must show (A) in the list.
    This is why, on some network setups, a wired device appears in the list among wireless ones. It got us puzzled as well at the beginning, until we figured out the mechanism.
    More details in some other threads here:
    Let me know any further questions at all.

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