Removing Rogue Access Point Notifications

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Hello All,

I'm hoping someone can help me with this before I resort to a hard reset of my three Fingboxes and all the convoluted setup, device naming, user creation and such that was required the last time this happened.

I have a number of lingering Rogue Access Point notifications for BSSIDs of devices I have physically removed from my networks.

From the notification screen if I trust a Rogue AP BSSID in the Fing App on Android or iOS (there is no option to clear or delete each notification), go to Network Details and remove it from monitoring, the notification of the BSSID reappears even though the AP device associated with the BSSID is no longer resident on any local network.

Is there a way to flush the Rogue AP notification list for a Fingbox without a hard reset of each device?



EDIT: figured what was causing these Rogue AP warnings in the first place (firmware update switched BSSID radio order associated with VLANS) but not why notifications for removed APs cannot be cleared.


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    In the desktop screen, Have you tried selecting the device then select the gear wheel which should give you the option to delete the device?