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I am a early Fing app user, and then backed the crowdfund of Fingbox. Recently, Fing encourage users to install Fing Desktop. The problem is these devices record my home network individually. I see three network in my Fing app. When there is an issue like new device or any notification or security matter, it appears in all three networks. They don't talk to each other, I need to fix every issue three times. Apple devices keep changing MAC addresses when updating OS, it is really waste of time to approve and enable devices. When I put a name and identify the brand and model of a device, it doesn't appear in other networks. Why? I don't think it is not possible to sync all of them or simply combine as one network. Why not? Does any experienced network guy give me some advice? Am I missed something in my setup?



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    I have the same situation - scanning via wired network card and wlan-access point produces two different network listings from the same network. has a "Merge with other networks" function, but I always get the message "The network cannot be merged with any of your networks" when I try to merge the listing maintained by Fing Desktop with the one maintained by Fingbox.
    BR, Risto
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    Hey @EricWongMusic
    and @RJJ
    We have created support tickets for both of you in relation to this issue.