Where is the auto block new device settings?

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I cannot find it anywhere on Android. The Fingbox app is up-to-date. I enabled auto block a long time ago and now I want it turned off. However, I cannot find the setting anywhere. It used to be in the Fingbox settings, then it was moved to the network tab settings and now it's no where to be seen. Does anyone know?

Never mind I found it. It is now under the security tab and you have to scroll through many messages before you can see it. So hidden.


  • Pixel
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    Hi unfortunately I don’t have Android devices but the following screenshots may be of help, it is from the fingbox but from an IOS device.

    @marc do you run any android devices to compare screenshots?

  • Karl_From_Fing
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    Just confirming for Android it is the same! 
    Navigate to the 'Security' section of the Fingbox Dashboard and you'll find the same as @Pixel has showcased above!