Fingbox: incessant attempts to connect to Google's DNS

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Why it's so important to FingBox use the Google's DNS servers?

The domains used by FingBox aren't blocked at all... 6700+ requests only yesterday?

It's just insane the flood at my firewall...


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    There’s obviously something amiss here and I’m not sure what at the moment.
    I would suggest power down the fingbox for a period, check the logs again to make sure those entries have stopped.
    Then power up and recheck, hopefully the entries will stop as the power sequence may clear any firmware problem.
    If the entries continue then before coming back for escalation to support i would recommend malware & anti-virus scan of devices on your network just to make sure there are no “3rd party” problems.

    Please don’t hesitate to come back with your findings if you need further help.