Moderate Vulnerabilities - UPnP & Type of access not detected

I'm getting 2 error messages about my network setup and moderate vulnerabilities being detected. The first is the router allowing unchecked UPnP and NAT-PMP access. This error has an orange pic of a padlock unlocked.

The second says type of access not detected. Without Upnp and NATPMP IP addresses there is no indication of how the external IP address and internal could match. This error has a grey question mark pic next to it.

I'm not sure the best methods to resolve these errors and being moderate security vulnerabilities I'd really like to understand these two a lot better. Can anyone assist?

Much thanks



  • Petke_24
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     I’m assuming no response / resolution since August?

    I’m  having the same issue, yet I’m renting my modem/router from my ISP Cox. 

    Cox staff is clueless and insist Fing is inaccurate and actually discourage my  using the Fing app. I’m not technically savvy. In my case I suspect it has something to do with the router/modem settings. 

    I’ve had my identity stolen so I take these warnings seriously.

    Here’s hoping there’s an answer out there.

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    For the UPnP, you could try a 3rd party test site.  Try using the GRC.COM site to run their UPNP test.  The sites been around forever, well known and generally safe to use.  Pick the UPnP Exposure Test.  

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  • Petke_24
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    My apologies for the delayed response. I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for reaching out.

    Shields up doesn't reflect an issue with my wifi  modem.

    It must be a bug with Fing.

    Again many thanks -