Fing Desktop Doesn't Recognize WPA3 Protocol

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Using Fing Mac Version 3.0.0 ( and as you can in the attached screenshot, it notes that my access point has insufficient protection when running a security scan.  The details shows the security protocol as NA and that particular SSID uses the WPA3 protocol.  When connecting to a different SSID that's using WPA2, it's properly recognized.  Hence, it would appear WPA3 is an unknown protocol to Fing.   



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    Thanks for posting this @markbyrn.  

    @Dylan_From_Fing and @Karl_From_Fing , can you confirm if Fing Desktop supports WPA 3 Only and if so how Mark can resolve this?  

    FYI:  Moved this to the desktop section for relevance...
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    Hey @marc
    Thank you for tagging us!
    I have fed this information back to my development team and am awaiting further instruction. I will let you know here when I have more information. 
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    I have noticed the same bug. My enterprise level wireless access point (at home) is using two SSIDs, one with WPA2-personal and the other with WPA3-personal. My Fing Android app v11.8.2 recognises WPA2 correctly but shows WPA3 connection as open (no protection). All my other WLAN analysis tools show WPA3 protection correctly. Please fix this bug.