How to see Wifi channels in iPad app

I am new to Fing. I am trying to optimize my office network with a router,  a managed switch and 5 APs.  I want to see which channels each APc are using for both 2 and 5 Hz devices. I have a free account and the Wifi scan show IPs, Mac but not the signal strengh and channles. Do I need to upgrade to premiun to have this option?


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    Unfortunately your requirements are rather more specialised than Fing will handle as far as I know.
    The usual need for channel identification is for selecting the wifi channels used by your router, to avoid congested channels in your locality. A normal wifi AP will not have the opportunity to choose channels as they would be defined by the router. Most routers will have the ability to automatically search for a less congested channel and switch to it.
    So, in theory, your channels may not be fixed as they are dependent on the hardware you are using & how it’s configured.
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    Ok. Thank you . I was looking for an app to see the channles used for each AP