Fing identifies generic router. Home network does not. my actual router is identified with Ip addres

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when i check the logs on home network the generic router becomes active at certain times but my modem stays active. it does not show the device on my home network at all


  • KayM
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    in the list of active devices the generic router isnt listed. Fing found this device but how can i locate it to remove from my network?

  • Karl_From_Fing
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    Hey @KayM

    Initially, I would like to confirm if you have a Fingbox or not. The Fing App is a free network scanning App. In order to block devices from joining a network, you will need a Fingbox. Fingbox is an external hardware that plugs into your router and gives you enhanced visibility, security and control over your network. To find out more:

    If you have a Fingbox, I would like to confirm if you are connected to the Fing App with the account on which the Fingbox is associated. You can verify this by going into the Fing App settings and checking the name of the Fingbox. If it is the correct account and you can see your Fingbox, then please follow these links for articles relating to device blocking:

    · Device blocking: Device Blocking – Fing

    · Internet Pause: Internet Pause – Fing

    · Wifi Intrusion protection: WiFi Protection – Fing

    · DigitalFence: DigitalFence™ – Fing

    You can also try to 'Enable' the Automatic Block New Devices' feature which will add more security if any of device tries to access your network. To do this, please go to your Fingbox settings. When you open the settings, the first option will be 'Automatically block new devices' (Yes/No).

    For a full list of useful troubleshoot tips and guides, please visit our knowledge base at

    For any further queries, please visit our Fing community here: