Fingbox goes offline for several hours then comes back. Why?

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Every so often I get a notification that the Fingbox is offline, and then, minutes or hours afterward I get notified that it is back online.  How can I find out more information about why it went offline?


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    walts said:
    Every so often I get a notification that the Fingbox is offline, and then, minutes or hours afterward I get notified that it is back online.  How can I find out more information about why it went offline?
    Hi, @walts thanks for asking the question.
    Could you possibly supply us with a little more information about your network environment?
    Since you said that you receive a notification indicates that you're not on the network when it happens.  Do you receive the notifications when you're home?  Does your WiFi drop at that time?
    Given that you said either "minutes or hours afterward" could mean a series of things.  What is your network setup?  Does any other device experience a disconnect at the same time?
    Please provide a few more details and I'll do my best to help.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    The network consists of a cable modem connected to Xfinity; Orbi RBR-20 router hardwired to modem; Apple AirPort/Time capsule with WIFI turned off (it's just used for Time Machine backups) hardwired to the router. The Fingbox is hardwired to the Ethernet port on the AirPort.  Everything else is wireless.

    When I go into "Recent Events" on the Fing iPhone app, and drill down on "Fingbox went offline/online" entries, there is no additional information.  Since the most recent event happened at night, I can't tell you if other devices were affected, but the Macs would have tried to do at least one Time Machine backup in that interval, and none of them complained. Xfinity could have dropped the Internet connection, but I have no way of knowing that since the Internet outages are reported by the Fingbox.

    I can't think of any additional information that might help.

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    Hi @walts
    There are 2 reasons Fingbox goes offline.

    1) Internet Outages. The fingbox is correctly connected to the network and the home wifi works well, but the internet is down. These outages are underlined in the timeline on the speed test view. In that case, please check for minor Internet outages with your ISP on the Internet Outage Alerts page here: 

    2) Lost of load-bearing. In this case, the fingbox seems to lose the IP address. It might due either to the cable or to the switch connected to. 


    Can you try the following troubleshooting steps and report back? 

    There are 3 important steps! 

    1) Check ethernet cables: If all ports needed for Fingbox are open, can you confirm the ethernet cable is still ok? As you restart the Fingbox, it forces the network to reach its full speed but if there is any damage on the cable, the speed will drop thus leading to Offline. If problems with this could you try replacing fingbox cable (CAT 5e) with CAT 6 cables or higher, the network speed coverage usually increases as they can cover more speed. We've tried this with some users and it has resolved the issue.

    2) Increase network size: 
    If you experience issues with network connectivity for Fingbox, you can also trying to increase the network size on Fing App. 
    To increase the network size on Fing App: 
    - Open the Fing app, ensure that you are on the Network associated with your Fingbox 
    - Tap on the Avatar icon in the top-right corner 
    - Choose 'App Settings' 
    - Scroll down and go to the "Maximum Network Size" setting and select the size based on the number of devices connected to network in your house. 

    3) Check IP address is not being used by another device: 
    Check if the IP address assigned to Fingbox is being used by another device. This disconnects the Fingbox from the connection. To solve this, please assign a Static IP address to Fingbox to help isolate the issue. You'll need to assign the static IP address from your router settings page. Assigning Static IP addresses to most devices is easy. Just go to the network settings on your router, look for DHCP option and turn it OFF. Once you do that, you'll see a text area to enter Static IP address. Enter a new IP address for Fingbox there and save changes.

    Let me know how these work for you.

    Community Manager at Fing

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