Can't access Fing to download the desktop app

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That's the same error coming up on a Mac mini wired directly to tmobile 5g home network and a MB Air tethered to an iPad with 5g connection. Is the app or website down?


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    Both website & app were working fine from a 4g broadband connection so I suspect, if you still have problems, it’s a local connection/security issue.
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    Hey @DTLARich
    It looks like you're on a web browser - you won't be able to download the desktop version via mobile. Let me know if you're still experiencing any issues here and I can guide you.
  • DTLARich
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    Thanks! That was mainly for ease of grabbing the error screenshot, it was identical on the desktop at the time. I've got things installed now, and just trying to assess what baseline normal looks like and when using vpn - which devices should see each other, assessing what ssids I'm connecting to. Some other apps show that I'm connecting to unfamiliar hidden Mac addresses somewhere at wildly varying distances away. All different manufacturers