Broken reset button

Hi, I have a second hand fingbox but the reset button is missing inside, the previous owner has emailed apparently but not heard yet is there anyway to sort this so I can attach it to my account as it’s just sitting here flashing alternate sides which is very pretty but not helping with my hacking problem I need to prove lol 


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    Hi @TomA the reset button would not reset the account associated with the Fingbox, I believe the original owner can do that but I’m guessing that’s not an option. 
    Fing support should be able to help with the account assuming that the issue with the reset button isn’t causing problems.

    @Karl_From_Fing would you check this out with @TomA please.
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    Hey @Pixel
    thank you for the tag!
    I have created a support ticket for you in relation to this issue, please respond at your earliest convenince
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    You need to contact you customer support center, they will have to reset your device. Even with a reset button, you will not be able to reset the device to it’s factory settings so that you can add yourself as the new owner. Hope this helps 👍