What is the best way to baseline my network with fing and fingbox completely removed. Right now, my network looks like a jumbled mess. And it seems that any component of the fing app or box does nothing but worsen the situation. I spend hours and hours trying to keep the peace, but I'm always running into more multiple ip address conflicts, extra networks and too much time trying to keep my network organized and everything running without my intervention. Can someone please help?

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    Hi @jamzm with your ip address conflicts, are the ip addresses/devices all online? If they are then there is a fairly major network problem as DHCP would need to be malfunctioning which is rare, however a router reboot (or factory reset) might resolve the problem.
    I’m guessing that some devices are “offline” which suggests the same device may appear multiple times but with different ip addresses and, more importantly, different mac addresses. If this is the case you need to turn off private mac addressing on each device so each device only uses its hardware mac address. Delete the offline duplicates and things should look much clearer.

    If you are intending starting to scan your network from “scratch” you will need to delete all existing networks from the app but you will lose all previous manually added settings.

    See the screenshots to delete networks:-