Is my data being shared and my phone being monitored? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Over the last 5 or 6 months I’ve began to become a little suspicious. My roommate is a computer wiz and I’ve noticed some things on our network that are not adding up (thanks to gong of course). 1st I’m our home network there are 30 devices of which i can only attest for 20. 2nd all of my roommates devices are just listed as generic. 3rd on a handful of his devices there are open ports for Internet Relay Chat and one open port on his laptop for telnet and remote everything. 4th without my knowledge there was an Arris RAC2V1A installed. With that being said I’ve noticed that my cell phone pops up with 4 or 5 different IP address and it has also been configured into the SNMP of our network. Under description for my phone it also says file sharer, Netbios name: MS home, and HP Ethernet multi environment. The final concern is that the router that was installed without my knowledge and that I’ve obviously been configured into has Layer3forwarding(1), Wancommonconfiguration(1), and wanipconnection. I will stop there as I believe that’s enough for someone with the right knowledge to come up with a verdict. If I am right and they are monitoring my device and storing my information how can I catch them? And is it a criminal act? Thank you for the help in advance.

I also just found out he is using Bonjour services including file maker, Remote active que management, PDL data stream, And open directory proxy. It really seems to me he is stealing my data for one reason or another


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    No, the SNMP service ONLY shows cpu, networking and RAM data usage and so does on any android phone. Newbies name is the name that is used to simplify finding the device internally. The arris router is the ISP PROVIDED ROUTER. IRC is also a chat service that enables your roommate to communicate with OTHER people. This means they are NOT stealing your data.