What does all this mean?

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Hi all, I'm not in the technology field. I was hoping someone could explain what all this means. Long story short: I think my husband has a hidden phone in my house. He works in cybersecurity and coding so I think he's being very sophisticated with hiding it or tethering? Idk but I'm hoping someone alot smarter than me can tell me what it means. The first screenshot is my husband's phone, the next is a generic device that always seems to coincide with his. The next shot is the open port on the generic device and the final is where the link takes me. Thanks so much.

Also, my device on this network only has MAC and IP. None of the other info.



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    Hi, please could you elaborate on how you think the two devices coincide? If you mean that they often come online at the same time, it could be that when the WiFi extender is turned on/off your husband's phone connects/disconnects to it automatically. If Fing shows the devices to be similar in some way it may be a part of the chipset, many devices share the same parts, especially in networking so it could be that the two products just happen to be used the same network adapter. Hope this is useful, best of luck with figuring this out!

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    I hope this helps @Mc13V622 :)

    The device listed as "generic" is a range extender.

    It's assigned IP address is

    The URL (link) to the login page you see is

    The same IP as above. Which means: This is the range extender's built-in software.

    That URL can be typed into any web browser on any device connected to your local network and it will take you to the same login page.

    If you entered the correct username and password, you would get access to it's built-in config/setup interface.

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    As @p1gl33t said, the „generic device“ looks like a WiFi extender. (A device that extends the Wi-Fi range, used normally when the range of the original wifi Router is not sufficient due to obstacles such as walls etc.) It doesn’t seem like an effort to hide a device.