Fast Toshiba 128GB microSD card for just £22

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This is an excellent price for a fast, branded 128GB microSD memory card, with free next day delivery on Amazon Prime
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  • Studulike
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    Hopefully these are legit as they are on Amazon, but I purchased 2 from someone on Facebook and they turned out to be fake.

    I couldn't tell how much correct space they actually had but when data is written to them apart from being very slow anyway, they would just fail after a few smallish files where written to them. I think near files were just written over older files and it corrupted the cards.

    I have given up trying to get my money back as I just couldn't get a response from the seller.

  • Studulike
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    If you want an even better deal and a card that runs at the same speed then try this one. Just so a search on Amazon for the following:

    Transcend 128GB microSDXC/SDHC 300S Class 10 Memory Card

    The good news is it's only £12.99 with same day delivery for prime members. I just ordered one to try.

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    I picked up both of these two $14 that included shipping. I figured that honestly just threw my money away. I was hoping to look on the brighter side of humanity for a moment... Here they are. I benchmarked them even.

    I don't care if somebody says these are frauds and fakes and everything else. It turns out they store 512 gigabytes of data they're not very fast and they were $14 :) yay! And yes I got it off of wish. My brother sent me the link. Had to try it lol.