Should there be a default interface for "Your Current Network"?

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I just changed VPN providers from Private Internet Access (PIA) to Bitdefender VPN and observed what looked like the loss of my Local Area Network devices data when I have the VPN connected (using Bitdefender VPN).  After a little research I found out why, but for uncomplicating Network/Security monitoring, I would like to propose a solution by asking to be able to define a default network interface for the "Your Current Network" section of Fing Desktop's Home page.

I like to have the option of deciding when I want to have my VPN on.  When I used PIA VPN, turning on the VPN had no effect on what I saw for Current Network devices (as long as I set the PIA "Allow LAN Traffic" to on).  But when I use Bitdefender VPN, my LAN devices disappear, because Fing Desktop picks the TAP-Windows Adapter used by Bitdefender VPN.
When I scan the Realtek network interface, which connects my Notebook PC to my LAN, I get back to where I want to be and see all my local devices.

Apart from the inconvenience of having to take this extra step, I am concerned that I will loose notifications of device security/state-changes on local devices.
By having the ability to define the Network Interface that your local devices are connected to, you can access external resources via the Internet, with or without a VPN regardless of how the VPN provider interfaces with the Window operating system.
Regards, Mike
Mike Duncan, Retired IT Manager