Many, Many fake MAC adresses.

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Hi there everybody,
I really hope somebody can help me with this strange ting.
First of all, I want to apologize for my bad english, I am really trying..
Here is the thing,

I have a little issue, its going on for a long time now and I find it really annoying.

I have at home good stuff I can say for the hardware I am using,

I am not sending all the information that I could generate. First I want to ask if somebody have a idea how my problem can be solved.

I tought I find the solution on the Internet about deinstalling the Desktop app of Fing and remove the service fing.agent. But that didn’t help in my case.

I couldn’t find nothing really helpful on the community, But the following I also find on the Internet, that one is solving the (I call it my echo problem) problem.

And that is to disable the Windows event log service completly

But when you are reading that solution you understand that it isn’t a real solution because it has a lot of impact on my Windows 11 system.

Windows cant run without errors if I disable the Event Log Service. But then the fake MAC addresses are gone.

I am sending you this solution because I hope you can think with me what is causing my problem.


Maybe you have already somebody with the same problem?

Everytime I reboot or Turn on my PC its giving me a fake MAC adress extra in the Fingbox, Its then on for about one minute, and then goese off, and its never has a IP address, its always and every reboot it is another MAC address.

Then the machine stays offline but the MAC adresse never disappear. If I do nothing i get hunderds of those fake adresses

And this is the found solution on the Internet…


So the problem came back and I have found out what Windows service is causing it. It is the Windows Event Log. When that service is enabled, and I reboot, I get the phantom mac address. When I disabled it, the problem goes away. Now, when I disable Windows Event Log it states it also disables other services including...

Windows Event Collector
Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup
Network List Service
Network Location Awareness
Net.Msmq Listener Adapter
Message Queuing

So I went through each one of these services and disabled one after the other. None of the above services toggle the problem. Only when Windows Event Log toggles the problem.

So my questions is...

Why would the Windows Event Log create a temporary phantom mac address that the Fing box would pick up on?

Why is this happening now and it didn't happen on winver 1809?

How can I leave Windows Event Log working without the Fing box flagging a new mac address every time I reboot my computer?

Would you please be so kind and take a look at this weird thing?

I can supply you with all the information you want, just write me what you would like then.

And its only on the Fingbox, Nothing shows up in the Router.

I really hope that there is somebody out there that can help me with this.

Thank you very much.



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    Hi Hans, @Flipje_SR, i think you’re investigating the wrong area. It looks like “Private mac addresses” are being generated, which was originally introduced by Apple as a security feature but also used by microsoft.
    Check out :-  

    Randomised MAC Address 

    Devices usually connect to the network using a static MAC address identifier assigned to them during manufacture, which enables the network to identify specific devices.

    Some device operating systems offer enhanced privacy by randomising and changing this MAC address on a regular basis (known as Private address). This however means the network is unable to recognise the same device connecting and reconnecting, so MAC address based controls (such as Access Controls) will stop working for these devices.

    It is possible to disable the randomised MAC address feature on most devices via their Wi-Fi settings. Information on how to do this and the impact can be found on the device manufacturer’s website.

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    Thanks for your answer, I have already tryed that link, but I dont use any WiFi on my PC. Only my laptop and Mobile Phones have WiFi. And the problem only exists on my PC. So that isnt it. At the moment I am deinstalling some software to try out but so far no results... Really cant put my finger on the problem... Its really anoying.