I purchased a unit off Ebay because you cant find new ones anywhere, but now that its here I am not able to link it up. Ebay seller said they have no way of contacting original owner, so what do I do? Any other way I can get the Fingbox unlinked from the account so I can set it up? THANKS!


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    If its still registered to its former owner you can get it reset.  You will need to provide proof of ownership to Fing to do this. Don’t attach anything to this thread. @Karl_From_Fing or @Dylan_From_Fing will reach out to you on how to proceed. Fing’s folks, if you could, can you help out @Knight182 please?
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    Your the best, thank you! I have everything from the eBay purchase so as soon as they get ahold of me I will get it to them. Thanks again!!!

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    Ticket created! :) 
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