How does Fing App validate the User Account and know which account is tied to the Fing Box?

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So it;s not much of a secreet, I screwed up when /I set my account up when I got my Fing Box. I had been using the Fing App for quite sometime prior to getting the Fing Box, so I had forgotten I already had a user account and I created a different account when I setup my Fing Box. For this reason, my App is all screwy because the wrong account is tied to my Fing Box, and I need to change this, but I don't know how.  

I had already had my local network all setup and configured in the App, however, now that I realized the issue, and have tried to login with the other email address, all my setting,s devices etc, and all tired to the other email, even now, the Fing App will not allow me to switch the Email Address. 

So is there any way I can change something on my end, or some how break the association between my Fing Box and the account it's currently tied to? Or is there a way to copy all the data from the other account on my Android and copy that data over to the other user account? Obviously this data is stored locally on the device, so theoretically there should be away to move that data over from one account to the other.k f 
If there is anyone that can help me I would really appreciate it because it will be a while before I will be able to be online when Violet is and I think she is the one who has to help me with my account.  but I want to understand who this all works before I have her make any more changes since right now, the changes I thought we were applying are not helping my problems. 


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    @Robin and @VioletChepil, can you give @Systops5 a hand.  Sounds like something you need to do on your end. Thanks...
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    Unfortunately we tried to clear this up this morning, and Violet switched my Fing Community Email to match my Fing App Login, however, that was what I thought was going to happen, rather that did not happen. The wrong address was put in on the Fing side of the house , so to work around that because I really want to use the App, but its a waste of time with the wrong Account Signed in because all the setup I do with  my network will wind up under the wrong account. Once I sign off I wont be able to get back on here for a number of days, and my account will still be messed up.  GRRRRRR I really wont to get this resolved ASAP. 
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    Hi @Systops5 I'm going to DM you to clarify the situation and action plan. (This is because I don't want to have your private email displayed). So I'll DM you now and we'll decide the best course of action. I can change community side of things - but this will not change your Fing Account Login as the DBs are separate. 

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