Wifi vs Ethernet connection

I'm new to Fing. Love this app.  I have a pretty basic question I think. I'm trying to determine which devices are connected via wifi vs directly connected to the router. Trying to track down devices connected to wifi before changing some security settings.


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    I haven't found a way to do this with Fing. However this Android app from Ubiquiti can show the number of devices connected to each access point/band. If you share a common SSID between 2.4 and 5GHz bands then it can separate the connection count to each band.



    Unfortunately it does not list the individual devices, just the total count.

    Depending on your router capabilities it might be able to provide a more convenient level of detail. I have an Asus router (not presently in service) which can list attached devices by connection type - wired/2.4/5a/5b - and an Orbi Mesh system (also not presently in service) that also provides similar information.