Fing App for iOS doesn't clear email address even after deleting and reinstalling app

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Why doesn't the Fing app for iOS clear the email address from the sign-in window even if I delete the app and redownload the app?  It still remembers the last used email address even after signing out and then deleting the app and reinstalling the app?  Is there a way to remove the saved email address from the sign-in window while logged out?  I tried clearing Safari history and website data in iOS settings but that doesn't work.  Is there a way to have the app forget the saved email address that is pre-filled when I tap the blue sign-in or register button other than using Erase All Contents and Settings in the iOS settings?  The email address remains pre-filled even if I delete the app and reinstall it.  To only way to forget the saved email address in the sign-in window is to completely erase the Apple device and go through the out of box setup as a new device but that will erase all the apps and data not saved in iCloud.  Fing saves the email address so that I only need to enter the password if I log out and back.  Even backspacing the email address and then closing this window won't work as it comes back the next time I reopen this window.


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    You shouldn’t need to delete the device, did you delete all website data/history or just the Fing data?
    If the latter, then clear ALL cookies/web data after you’ve deleted the app. Then reinstall the app and hopefully thing should start working again.
    Alternatively, deleting the password from Keychain will remove the pre-populated email address but also your password.
    Now, having said that why don’t you want the login email field pre-populated a password is still required?