So I have a few generic devices that are showing on my Fing App. When I try to delete them it won't

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And there are other devices that show on fing app but doesn't show what device it is. And when I ping the Generic devices it shows all x's all the way across. Can someone help and tell me why this is?


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    Deleting an online device from a Fingbox network has always been disabled. That is because, if the device is online and you delete it, Fingbox will automatically re-create it at the next scan because it's an active monitoring system. If the user logs out of the account, the network he's seeing is not "live data" anymore, and therefore you can delete it.  

    Deleting a device on a manually-scanned network is instead always possible, regardless of the online/offline state, because that state is just a snapshot of the past and doesn't get automatically updated. 

    If you're not able to delete an online device from a manually-scanned network, that is a bug. Let us know if that is what you intended. 

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