Show most active devices

I haven't used Fing recently, and now I'd I'd like to show a dynamic display of the current most active devices.
Unfortunately I've contracted Alzheimers, so it's all a bit of a struggle for me. 
I've got to the list of devices, and I seem to recall having more columns, such as speeds


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    Hi @Swiftie...  Fing never had a way to continuously show you what is a highly active device.  It could and does show you if a device is on line and on any particular Device for how long.  This required something always on like the desktop or a Fingbox. And you can do bandwidth tests on demand but not continuously.

    You can also look at a device and drill in to see its signal strength, where its connected etc...  The mobile doesn't really do much with columns, desktop does a bit more.  See example below from the desktop..

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