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Hi. I am new to this and need some help. My network runs on a dual band router. I run both the mobile and desktop version of Fing

On both when I scan for devices it never finds my iPad or iPhone 10X which are connected to the 5 MHz band.

It finds all my 17 other devices without a problem.

What am I doing wrong




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    Hello Les.. Ill begin with the obvious first. Do you have the iPad and iPhone turned on? Are they both in range? Believe it or not the 2.4 band has greater range than the 5 Mhz band. Assuming that isn't the issue I would probably proceed in this order:

    1. Go get a cold beer (this is crucial)

    2. See if they'll connect to the 2.4 band, or if they aren't recognized by that band either. If they aren't then I'd focus on the network side of the issue.

    3. Go to your settings on one or both devices and look for MAC randomization. Basically you wanna make sure your network recognizes the MAC addresses in question, or more specifically that they aren't blocked. Two things could be going on here; your devices could be changing their MAC address each time they try to connect to your network, or your network blocked the device(s) for whatever reason. (I know a guy that knows a guy that knows another guy that said his device gets kicked off his network sometimes when he goes to too many porn sites..??)

    4. If none of this works then I'd try adding the devices manually to your network. You'll probably wanna go grab another beer first. You'll need the SSID (name of your network), password, type of network security (ie. Open, WPA, WPA2, WEP, etc..) proxy setting.

    5. If these don't work then you should definitely consider some Android devices! 😄 Good Luck!

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    Hi and thanks for the reply. Just to confirm that both devices are working perfectly on my network.