Any innovation in Amazon's new launches?

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Check out the new line up from Amazon.  More than anything, they seem to be doubling down on Echo/Alexa with a bunch of new variants: one with a bigger screen (Echo Show 8); one with more powerful music (Echo Studio  - watch out Sonos or HomePod); one for the bedside (a Dot with a clock); a plug in one (Echo Flex). Much innovation?

Amazon's take on Apple's Airpods are a bit more interesting. Their own wireless earbuds are called Echo Buds. They aren't cheap. Given you can pick up half-decent bluetooth earbuds for as little as $15 (check out the Redmi Airdots or the similar A6S), $130 is quite steep. Although they are cheaper than Apple's - and, more importantly, work with Android phones. Of course they have Alexa built in - but can't you do that with any headset and the Alexa app on your phone? As with many Amazon-brand product, they are most likely a response to the sales data they have access to on the growing popularity of this form factor.

But what about the glasses or ring, Echo Frames and Echo Loop respectively. These seem like they could be genuine innovation. But is there enough value to gear people to wear something so prominent. Style is critical with a wearable. Are they just a gimmick?

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    I missed a couple of really key announcements. One is that Amazon is getting into the mesh wifi networks business, in partnership with eero. The other is that they are working on their own local smart-home networking protocol called Amazon Sidewalk, to take on the likes of Zigbee and Z-wave. Using 900MHz, it's what's known as a sub-gig frequency - this means it has great range, and at lower power but limited data capacity, relative to WiFi's 2.4Ghz or 5GHz, so maybe not for video, say.
    But do we need another protocol for wireless IoT connectivity? This proprietary solution looks very similar to the Wifi HaLow standard announced by the WiFi Alliance (802.11ah). Plus, where will this be legal to use? I'm not sure 900Mhz can be used in the UK for instance, where I believe 450MHz is the main sub-gig frequency used for data.
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    OHH ... the latest with Amazon Alexa ... soon you can have Samuel L Jackson's voice instead of the Amazon Alexa one.
    Can I get a "HECK YEAH"?! =)
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    While I kind of get the glasses, maybe for those folks that like phone headsets and it does work with Google and your phone, but the ring?  I would love to see the sales stats on that one once its out.  They made a big thing about the Eero acquisition when it first was announced but after that nothing so its good to see them still developing against the platform.  I always worry when a platform gets bought out that active development still continue with Nest being my prime example of innovation stagnation.  For a huge conglomerate, Amazon is pretty good about pushing ahead and taking chances.
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    Thanks @Gidster, very interesting battle among big-players for the conquer of our smart homes!
    Guys, we're going to try them out as soon as possible, but in case you buy them and Fingbox is not recognizing them correctly... please report and we'll amend!

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