Pleaase help me

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I downloaded this program with the suspicion that someone else was seeing the WhatsApp conversations, and there was constant interruption while talking on my phone...


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    Hey @Seanone
    May I ask you to elaborate on your query here, are you afraid you have been hacked?
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    Did you get this figured out?

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    So without further details I'm going to stab an educated stab in the dark here.

    1. Fing isn't going to be able to help you find out if someone is hacking your WhatsApp conversation because of

    2. WhatsApp conversation are end to end encrypted using the highest encryption standards currently available (AES256). This means there are very limited ways that someone could be intercepting your communications.

    They would need to either have some sort of remote access to your phone (very unlikely). They could have access to the WhatsApp web app but this would have required you to scan a QR code so also unlikely. Finally if you backup your WhatsApp conversation to Google Drive or iCloud then they could potentially access you backups of they have access to those services.

    None of these options Fing is going to be able to detect. What Fing could detect is if they had some form of proxy on the network intercepting the communications. This would be a concern but WhatsApp uses end to end encryption so at most an attacker could see you are using WhatsApp but not what was said or to whom you said it.

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    Firstly, for your own safety, I would remove the images you have posted.

    This should give you a lot more info as to what may have happened:

    Hope that this will help.